O’TAY – A Sweet Story

The story of O’TAY begins in a small, Danish town in April 2019, where Stephanie and her mother, Vivian, agree to realise their shared dream of creating a fashion universe that focuses on luxurious fashion for women of all ages. Their shared passion for fashion was the beginning of the adventure, which is now known as O’TAY – an acknowledged and well-established brand that offers ‘Affordable Luxury’ to quality-conscious women.  

The relationship between mother and daughter has only grown stronger since the adventure started in 2019, even though Stephanie has moved to the East, where she can be close to the production and make sure that the working conditions are ideal – so, far away from home and her mother, Vivian. However, if you ask them, Stephanie’s move to the East has been necessary, because quality, transparency and humaneness are key words to the company and their shared darling, O’TAY. Sometimes important things require huge sacrifices and decisions, but that is something they have always understood and accepted. 

O’TAY or “Okay”

At O’TAY nothing is left to chance – neither the materials nor the details like the carefully selected buttons – and this is something both mother and daughter believe can be felt when wearing the unique styles from O’TAY. Maybe you even discovered that O’TAY resembles “okay”? Well, that is not a coincidence; when Stephanie was a little girl, her lips had a hard time shaping the letter ‘k’, which is why “okay” often became “O’TAY” instead.  

When Vivian and Stephanie needed to find the perfect name for their company, or darling, there was no doubt: of course their shared dream should be named after Stephanie’s cute speech impediment, which had repeatedly been a topic of conversation in their small home, where her impediment has been laughed at. Any other name suggestion seemed trivial compared to “O’TAY”, which creates a nostalgic feeling for both mother and daughter. So, from this cute story about Stephanie’s childhood the fashion universe was named. 

The Philosophy Behind O’TAY: “Everyone Should Be Able to Afford Luxury”

O’TAY is not only based on a cute story from Stephanie’s childhood, which expresses the fact that the existence of the brand is established with a point of departure in familial values. Additionally, the brand is based on the philosophy that it should be possible for every woman to be luxuriously dressed without being stripped. It must be taken to mean that it does not need to cost a million to like one. 

Everyone should be able to afford luxury if you ask mother and daughter, who both value wearing high quality fashion that is long-lasting and which hugs the body comfortably.   

Unique and personal collections 

Besides being high quality, the O’TAY collections are personal and unique. It is Stephanie’s 15 years of experience within the fashion industry, including her multiple years of experience with high-end brands, which makes it possible for O’TAY to offer luxurious and unique fashion with a personal twist that adheres to modern tendencies – even at affordable prices. Stephanie always has a finger on the pulse of new trends. Moreover, the beautiful details are thus decided by her and the same goes for the fabrics, which are carefully selected in relation to what is currently ‘in’. While mother Vivian holds the fort in the head office in Odense, which can be visited if you want personal service, Stephanie frequently visits the dressmakers’ workrooms in the East to keep an eye on the work and make sure that the result turns out perfect – every single time. In other words, attention to detail and quality is essential at O’TAY’s.

Stephanie went on her first journey to the East in the spring of 2018, where the first gems were discovered.