At O'TAY, we are committed to promoting responsibility and minimizing the climate footprint in all aspects of our business. We believe it is crucial to have a positive impact on our environment, society, and the people involved in our supply chain. Here are some key elements that underscore our commitment to responsibility:

Our OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 commitment at O'TAY:

We take pride in declaring that every piece of clothing at O'TAY carries the distinction of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. This commitment is a key component of our mission to create fashion that is not only beautiful but also healthy for you and the planet.

When you choose O'TAY, you choose a brand that is free from harmful chemicals and substances. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an internationally recognized certification that ensures our textiles have been tested and certified to be free from more than 300 hazardous substances. This includes not only the final product but also every step in the production process, from raw materials to the finished garment.

High quality and long lasting item

Our focus on quality and craftsmanship is deeply rooted in the desire to deliver clothing that is not only fashionable in the moment but also has a long lasting item. We believe in creating lasting items that resist the trends of time and maintain their quality over the years. This not only extends the usability of our products but also reduces the need for frequent replacements, thereby minimizing waste.

Our commitment to quality is not just an investment in achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction; it is also a strategic move towards reducing our environmental footprint. By offering high-quality products, we encourage a more conscious consumer behavior where customers value and care for their clothing instead of discarding it. This is a crucial step towards building a wardrobe that is timeless, sustainable, and durable in the long run. Together, our focus on quality and craftsmanship forms an integral part of our commitment to creating a fashion world that is responsible and respectful to both our customers and the environment.

Close relationship to the production

We believe that a key element of responsible business is to have a close and responsible relationship with production. Therefore, we actively work to build and maintain positive and close relationships with our partners. Through transparency and collaboration, we strive to ensure proper working conditions and environmental standards. This allows us to be more than just a producer but a partner in responsible production.

The producer of our alpaca quality is based in Peru, where 200 indigenous women have undergone certification and training in textile skills. This initiative is designed to improve their social and economic well-being and promote inclusion in the community. It represents our commitment to supporting and empowering local communities by providing women with the necessary skills to thrive in the textile industry.

Peru is known for its vertically integrated industry, which involves a high level of expertise and compliance with high standards of working conditions. This approach helps create a sustainable production cycle and ensures that our materials achieve the highest quality. Social impact and positive contributions to the community are central elements of our supply chain.

Additionally, we conduct regular visits to our production facilities in Italy to ensure that good working conditions are maintained and to maintain close communication with our partners. This focus on transparency and commitment to responsible production is crucial to our business practices.

Transparency in communication with our customers

We believe in transparency as a central element of our responsible practices. Therefore, we strive to communicate clearly and openly about our processes, materials, and decisions. We want our customers to feel confident in choosing O'TAY and to understand the efforts we make to create a responsible product.

For example, we take our customers behind the scenes during photoshoots and on visits to production facilities. In this way, we aim to provide insight into all aspects of the processes, working conditions, environmental practices, and more. We believe that the more our customers know, the more they will appreciate the journey that each product undergoes. At O'TAY, we look forward to continuing to innovate and take steps towards a more responsible future, and we hope our customers will join us on this journey.

CO2-reducing production process

We have carefully chosen China as the production country for O'TAY because our cashmere comes from cashmere goats that roam the Kashmir region in the Mongolian mountains. This choice contributes to shortening the value chain by producing in the same location where the materials are sourced. This approach not only results in significant savings on transportation costs but also minimizes CO2 emissions, aligning with our commitment to responsible business practices.

By selecting a local production partner near the source of raw materials, we not only uphold principles of responsible production but also support the idea of creating a more environmentally friendly footprint. This is an integral part of our commitment to reduce environmental impact and promote a more responsible approach to fashion production.

Responsible transportation

At O'TAY, we pay special attention to the way we transport our goods from production. Instead of traditional and more environmentally impactful methods such as air and truck transportation, we have chosen a more responsible approach through maritime shipping. This ensures an efficient and secure journey while significantly reducing our carbon footprint. This strategy underscores our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and contributes to conserving the planet's resources.

We continue to explore innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure that our supply chain aligns with our principles of responsibility. At O'TAY, we look forward to continuing to innovate and take steps towards a more responsible future, and we hope our customers will join us on this journey.