SHOP WINTER SALE | Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

SHOP WINTER SALE | Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design


Bella Blouse - Pastel Pink €231,34
Bella Blouse - Light Smoke €231,34
Beckie Blouse - Black €77,11
Madeleine Sweater - Ludlow €295,12
Berry Sweater - Pastel Blue €231,34
Beline Sweater - Light Smoke €205,63
Madeleine Sweater - Warm Beige €295,12
Beatrice Shirt - Warm Beige €218,01
Beatrice Shirt - Pastel Blue €218,01
Beckie Blouse - Off White €77,11
Berry Sweater - Light Smoke €231,34
Beline Sweater - Off White €205,63
Bella Blouse - Warm Beige €231,34
Berry Sweater - Off White €231,34
Beckie Blouse - Grey €77,11
Berry Sweater - Cold Grey €231,34
Beatrice Shirt - Light Smoke €218,01
Zia Sweater - Taupe €411,26
Anna Blouse - Sprinkled Beige €188,59 €269,42
Anna Blouse - Brownstone €269,42
Anna Blouse - Black €269,42

Luxurious Blouses – Cashmere and Merino Wool

We carry an exquisite selection of blouses for every occasion at O’TAY. The common denominators of our styles are comfortableness and elegance, which also applies to our blouses. At O’TAY we are very proud of this combination. In this category you can find blouses in different colours and different types of fits, which is why you will find your new favourite blouse in our selection.

Take a Look at Our Extensive Selection of Exquisite and Soft Cashmere Blouses

It is no secret that we love cashmere and the great qualities it has. To us a cashmere blouse is an exclusive style that is able to add a little bit of luxury to an otherwise normal everyday life. Moreover, in our online universe our philosophy is that every woman should be able to afford luxury. That is exactly what cashmere is. We can assure you that our cashmere blouses will embrace your body like if it were silk – and who does not dream about owning a blouse that ensures the highest quality of comfort?

Cashmere is a breathable material, which is one of the reasons why many people pine for cashmere blouses, and we fully understand! Cashmere entails many advantages. Cashmere, for instance, is the ultimate extra layer bring-along blouse. Cashmere is a lightweight garment, but it is still warm, which means that you can wear it with or without other items without feeling suffocated or too warm. Cashmere blouses are therefore perfect for both cool summer nights, winter and on top of a t-shirt in springtime. 

Treat yourself with an exquisite cashmere blouse because of the way it feels and because of the long-term advantages of the natural fibres of the fabric. It cannot be compared to cheap blouses of new synthetic materials, which are artificial and potentially manufactured with unwanted chemicals that then touches your skin when you wear it. Cashmere, on the other hand, is 100% natural, which decreases your chances of becoming allergic. 

Our cashmere blouses and cashmere sweaters are pure luxury items, which make you happy for many years.

You Can Also Find Exclusive Blouses in Merino Wool

Like cashmere, merino wool possesses unique qualities, which makes it a wardrobe must have. Merino wool comes from merino sheep, and it is much softer and thinner than regular wool. We guarantee that you will be able to feel this right away when wearing a blouse made by this fabric. A blouse in merino wool is classy and luxurious and it fits perfectly in a wardrobe that belongs to a fashionable woman, who follows trends and tendencies of fashion.

Merino wool is temperature adjusting, which means you can wear it all year around. Additionally, it does not absorb body odour. After you have been wearing merino wool an entire day, you can simply hang it up to air outside and you will be able to enjoy wearing it again the following day. 

At O’TAY you can purchase lovely merino wool blouses with different cuts and fits. Typically, you will find feminine blouses with beautiful details such as or lace, frills or pearls. We wish to sell to women of all ages, which means that there definitely is a blouse in our selection that fits your style.

Blouses Which Focus on Quality and Femininity    

O’TAY was established in 2019, which was when the story began about a mother and a daughter, who together had a dream about creating an amazing online universe, where luxury clothes of the best quality would be accessible to women of all ages. When you explore one of our blouses from our webshop, you can be sure that nothing is left to chance. We continuously go through our different designs to make sure that the style, the fit and the material match. By doing this we are able to deliver a garment to you, which you can love for many years to come. Stephanie, who designs all our items, has 15 years of experience within the fashion industry, which we benefit from when we design and develop new styles. She always has her finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, attention to detail and she knows about the newest trends and tendencies.

So, what you can find here are modern, luxurious blouses that undoubtedly will be your new favourite clothes, which you wish to wear every single day. Nothing compares to experiencing the comfort of wearing a cashmere- or merino wool blouse- that is something you need to try for yourself. Once you try these amazing quality garments, you will not be able to return to wearing synthetic blouses from many other shops.

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