Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design


Cashmere Care

Washing Bags €33,32
Cirrus No. 2 Steamer - Grey €128,52
Pilo Fabric Shaver - Black €45,70
Pocket Brush €18,09
Fabric Spray €18,09
Lint Brush €15,23
Cirrus No. 2 Steamer - Black €128,52
Pilo Fabric Shaver - Grey €45,70

In this category you will find our care products, which you can use to take proper care of your favourite O’TAY garments. 

When you have acquired a wardrobe filled with cashmere and wool items, it does not need to be difficult to take care of them. Moreover, it is important to O’TAY to contribute with more sustainable clothes, and we do that by selling you fashionable and durable clothes that can be worn for many years. Therefore, we have made a guide in which we explain how to take care of your O’TAY garments.

Download our Cashmere Care Guide here.

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