Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design



PRE-ORDER: Nessa Scarf - Walnut €82,82
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PRE-ORDER: Nessa Scarf - Sand €82,82
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PRE-ORDER: Nessa Scarf - Off White €82,82
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Nessa Scarf - Light Rose €82,82
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Nessa Scarf Pointelle - Light Rose €82,82
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Nessa Scarf - Warm Beige €82,82
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Nessa Scarf - Ludlow Sold Out
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Palma Cap Boucle - Off White €64,74
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Belis Scarf - Walnut €121,86
Bibi Scarf - Warm Beige €109,48
Palma Cap Boucle - Nougat €64,74
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Belis Scarf - Warm Beige €121,86
Bibi Scarf - Light Rose €109,48
Athena Beret - Dark Grey €32,37
Athena Beret - Dark Camel €32,37
Athena Beret - Dark Brown €32,37
Athena Beret - Black Sold Out
Long Socks - Dark Grey €38,08
Long Socks - Black €38,08
Valley Beanie - Sand €29,08 €44,74
Nessa Scarf - Murky Green €82,82
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Shopper €3,81
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Vanessa Scarf - Walnut €119,90 €218,01
Vanessa Scarf - Sand €119,90 €218,01
Vibeke Scarf - Sand €125,95 €179,93

In this category you will find specially selected and exquisite accessories that completes every outfit – it is the icing on the cake so to speak. Among other items you can find the loveliest, most feminine hair ties and scrunchies in a variety of different colours. You can use them to do a ponytail, or you can braid your hair and place the hair tie at the bottom of your braided hair, where it is easily visible. In this category you can also find an element you simply cannot live without, if you are the owner of a cashmere garment. Clearly, we are talking about our popular cashmere comb, which is a must have for you, if you want to take care of your precious cashmere blouses and sweaters. 

Buy the Prettiest Accessories at O’TAY

Our hair ties have the loveliest details, which are important when creating a complete outfit. Moreover, they suit every outfit due to the timeless colours and designs, which is why you can use these time and time again. Order your favourite and create a personal and admirable look. Our hair ties are sturdy and durable. Great, right? Additionally, the pretty hair ties are perfect for hostess gifts, Christmas presents or birthday presents, because they appeal to every female.

Please Remember to Buy a Cashmere Comb…

Cashmere is an exquisite material, which requires care, if you want to keep it soft and fabulous. To do this you need a cashmere comb, which is perfect for the job! The comb is very easy to use, and it effortlessly removes unwanted fluff from your garments, which will be as good as new after this “treatment”. You merely need to “comb” your lovely blouse with the little comb, which easily slides across the fabric.   

In this category new styles will continuously appear, so keep an eye on it. Maybe your future favourite item suddenly appears. The only thing left to say is that we wish you a pleasant shopping experience. We hope you will be able to find your perfect match in this category or in one of our other ones, which all offer exquisite styles that we guarantee will match your current wardrobe. Because, come on! Who does not want a soft and comfortable cashmere or merino hug? Well, we are sold!

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