Christmas presents are exchanged until 15 January 2023 | Get a Cashmere Comb for free

Christmas presents are exchanged until 15 January 2023 | Get a Cashmere Comb for free

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Zara Cardigan - Off White €423,64
Athena Beret - Black €32,37
Long Socks - Dark Grey €38,08
Long Socks - Black €38,08
Valley Beanie - Sand €44,74
Anna Blouse - Brownstone €269,42
Anna Blouse - Black €269,42
Anna Blouse - Beige €269,42
Agnes Blouse - Sand €243,71

Good quality- and stylish designs at affordable prices are always to find at O’TAY. We design and manufacture our items ourselves, which means we can sell exquisite quality items directly to you, less costly than how these kinds of quality items are usually priced. 

60% of our collection consistently consists of 100% cashmere items. Cashmere is without a doubt our favourite material, and if you buy 100% cashmere clothes, it will stay in your wardrobe for many years to come. Moreover, it is one way of being environmentally conscious – buy durable quality items that can be used again and again.

At O’TAY we love feminine styles with elegant details. We find it very important that the clothes you buy from us have a special place in your wardrobe and that you want to wear it year after year. Therefore, you will find that multiple of our styles are classic and timeless. We wish to move away from the “buy-and-throw-away-culture”, which is unfortunately still a tendency today.  

It is important to us that our collection items can be mixed and matched across different collections, which is why we often continue with the same colours. This makes it possible for you to add clothes to your existing wardrobe which allows for new stylish combinations of your O’TAY clothes.  

“There is no division between generations in terms of what you can wear. It is simply about whoyouare, whatyou feel comfortable in and whatyouwant to express” 

To us, style has no age.

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