SHOP WINTER SALE | Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

SHOP WINTER SALE | Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design


Viola Pants - Walnut €197,92 €359,86
Selma Pants - Walnut €96,63 €193,26
Selma Pants - Sand €96,63 €193,26
Selma Pants - Green €96,63 €193,26
Nova Pants - Sand €182,78 €243,71
Nova Pants - Dark Brown €182,78 €243,71
Puk Pants - Khaki Melange €96,63 €193,26
Puk Pants - Black €96,63 €193,26

Feminine Trousers for Women

When you look at our trouser selection, you will discover that we focus on the colours and shades of the season. Additionally, you will find that our selection reflects all of the tendencies of the current season. At O’TAY we strive for creating fashionable styles, but it is also important to us that our collections are unique, which makes it possible for you to stand out. Furthermore, we focus on quality materials and elegance, which is why our trousers for women exist in fabrics such as wool and silk. This makes it possible for you to be fashionable and feeling comfortable at the same time.

Trousers in Great Quality for Women

Women’s clothing has changed a lot over time, especially trousers. Today, fashion collections include a pair of trousers for almost every occasion – a pair for everything between a morning stroll to a party at night. With all the different options in mind, an increasing number of women prefer comfortable and sophisticated trousers. At O’TAY we love trousers, because they can improve any outfit and make it rawer and more modern. We offer a selection of women’s trousers which is fashionable and versatile. However, most importantly we focus on quality materials and comfort.   

Therefore, the common denominator of the lovely trousers in this category is quality materials which secure an ultimate durability and comfort throughout the entire day. You will feel the fantastic materials that are used when you stretch the trousers and perhaps you will become addicted to the instant softness that you are going to feel when you touch the fabric. Some of our women’s trousers are made with 100% merino wool, a soft material that will hug your legs in an extremely comfortable way. Our wool trousers are manufactured with a focus on comfort, which we guarantee you will feel right away when you put them on. 

Why You Should Invest in a Pair of Wool Trousers  

Wool might not be the first thing that comes to mind, when you think about trousers. However, the many qualities it has makes it quite wonderful to use in trousers. Even though you most likely come across cotton when you are after a new pair of trousers, wool trousers can also be used for both casual purposes as well as at nicer occasions. Wool contributes with significant benefits compared to other materials.   


Wool trousers are very breathable. Air can easily flow in and out of the trousers while you are wearing them. The problem with trousers in synthetic materials, like polyester for instance, is that they have little or no breathability, which makes them rather uncomfortable to wear for an entire day. No sweat can travel through the pants. That is, on the other hand, possible if you wear a pair of breathable wool trousers, which will make you feel comfortable all day.


If you have ever owned a pair of wool trousers, or other clothes in the same material, you undoubtedly remember the exceptionally soft texture. The fibers are much more delicate in wool compared to fibers in other materials, which is why they are a lot softer. Therefore, the wool will not be itchy and uncomfortable.


A third advantage of wool trousers is the warmth that they create. Wool is a naturally insulating material, which reduces the risk of losing body heat. Wool creates a protective barrier between your skin and your surroundings, which will keep out the cold and keep you warm instead.

At O’TAY we are very appreciative about being able to offer our customers wool trousers. Even though we care a lot about quality and comfort, we also care about the way the trousers look and that they follow the fashion trends of the season. Therefore, you can find fashionable trousers in our selection that possesses both qualities. We would like for you to be able to look chic and feel like you are wearing joggers at the same time.

Expand Your Wardrobe with a Pair of Trousers for Women, Which Exude Luxury

In our online universe we focus on luxury and comfort and our items are made of the best materials on the market, which allows you to wear quality clothes that are also feminine and elegant. At O’TAY our philosophy is that all women should be able to afford luxury, because life is simply too short to wear clothes that are made of synthetic materials, which can be itchy, or even worse, they can impair our skin.

We believe that you should always be wearing clothes that feel nice. Therefore, you can also find trousers made of silk in our selection. Many people associate silk with pyjama trousers, but silk can be used for so much more than that. 

Silk is one of the finest natural fabrics and no other fabric comes close to having the same sheen, warmth, elasticity or durability. By using silk, we can manufacture the most luxurious trousers for women, which can easily be worn with stilettos for a night out.

Explore our selection of fashionable and comfortable trousers, which you can pair up with one of our beautiful cashmere or merino blouses.

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