SHOP WINTER SALE | Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

SHOP WINTER SALE | Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design


Nessa Scarf Pointelle - Warm Beige €82,82
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Nessa Scarf Pointelle - Light Rose €82,82
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Nessa Scarf - Warm Beige €82,82
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Nessa Scarf - Ludlow €82,82
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Bella Blouse - Pastel Pink €231,34
Bella Blouse - Light Smoke €231,34
Beckie Blouse - Black €77,11
Palma Cap Boucle - Off White €64,74
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Belis Scarf - Walnut €121,86
Lailabeth Cardigan - Pastel Green €243,71
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Lailabeth Cardigan - Ludlow €243,71
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Madeleine Sweater - Ludlow €295,12
Berry Sweater - Pastel Blue €231,34
Beline Sweater - Light Smoke €205,63
Bibi Scarf - Warm Beige €109,48
Madeleine Sweater - Warm Beige €295,12
Lailabeth Cardigan - Warm Beige €243,71
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Lailabeth Cardigan - Denim Blue €243,71
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Xenia Blazer - Light Brown €308,45
Xenia Blazer Boucle - Nougat €308,45
Palma Cap Boucle - Nougat €64,74
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Belis Scarf - Warm Beige €121,86
Beatrice Shirt - Warm Beige €218,01

Are you looking for a sweater, a blouse, a dress, a stylish cardigan or maybe something completely different that has just been launched? In other words, are you looking for a brand-new fashionable item, which can make you a first mover? You have come to the right place if we are to say so ourselves.

Dominate the Streets with Our Newest Styles

In this news category we collect all the newest styles, which is why you will find our latest darlings when you go through this category. We will almost guarantee that you will be seduced by the new items, which speak to your devotion to fashion. Also, we cannot promise that you will not end up buying a popular item or two, since there is a vast number of treasures in this category. 

With a new item from O’TAY you will dominate the streets. You will most likely experience many looks because of your new purchase when you walk down the street. On our website you will only find beautiful quality items that fit your body comfortably. Our clothes are not only fashionable, they are also very comfortable. Our styles, whether we are talking about a sweater, a dress or something else, are made of the best materials available, which makes them items of great quality. When you add a new O’TAY style to your cart, you add both quality and comfort. We promise that you will not regret buying a new O’TAY item, because our styles last for a long time and because of the excellent quality of them. That is what we would like to call sustainable fashion, what do you think?

Among our new items you can find cashmere blouses, garments in merino wool and beautiful dresses that fit perfectly into a feminine wardrobe. We launch a new collection every season which is suited for the weather, the colour palette in nature as well as the styles and fits that appear in fashion magazines. Our new items come in different colours and appearances, which is why you can be certain to find something you like in this desirable category.

Pamper Someone You Care About

Are you looking for a present for someone that you care about? Say no more! In this category you will find the perfect gift for a fabulous woman, since you will only come across beautiful styles that fit into every woman’s wardrobe. Moreover, our styles are versatile and down to earth. In other words, a variety of people shop at O’TAY because they love the appearance, the quality and the materials of our items, which is why you cannot get it wrong with a purchase from O’TAY. We are proud to say that our styles are for everybody.

Psst! While you are shopping, you might as well treat yourself, which we believe is very important. We venture to assert that buying a blouse or a sweater from O’TAY is self-indulgence enough in itself. However, we will let you decide. Feel free to explore our new items and find your perfect match. There are plenty of items to choose from and more will regularly arrive at the shop.

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