Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design



Beatrice Shirt - Warm Beige €218,01
Beatrice Shirt - Pastel Blue €218,01
Beatrice Shirt - Light Smoke €218,01
Naya Shirt - Army €141,37 €282,74

With a beautiful shirt you can create an exquisite, feminine and admirable look. Personally, we love shirts as well as the looks we have created with our shirts at O’TAY. Moreover, we like to wear a nice cardigan or sweater on top of our shirts to create a spectacular look that we absolutely love, which you probably already know if you follow us on our social media. 

In this category we offer a well-considered selection of shirts and especially white shirts are well represented, which is not a coincidence. A white shirt is perfect underneath any cardigan, blouse, or sweater no matter the colour. Therefore, we consider a white shirt to be a versatile garment, which we believe should dominate every woman’s wardrobe. In other words, white shirts are the ultimate must have for the modern and trendy woman who loves timeless designs that can be used all year round, again and again and again.

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