Reasons why you must prioritize cashmere in your wardrobe

Reasons why you must prioritize cashmere in your wardrobe

There is nothing as wonderful as wearing a buttery soft knit in delicate natural materials. Regardless of whether you prefer cashmere or wool, we can guarantee you that our universe is the right place to find your favorites for the wardrobe.

We love knitwear - as simple as that. Knitwear is classic, and it can be found in endless variations: chunky and oversized, body-hugging and feathered, with a beautiful turtleneck, adorned with fine pearl details, knitted in an exclusive pattern - we could go on and on listing the lovely beauties. However, one thing is certain - our core is, and always will be, CASHMERE.

What is the perfect cashmere blouse? We have asked ourselves that, and the answer is clear. Quality, comfort and endless possibilities of use are the three most important factors for us. The absolutely ideal blouse is undoubtedly knitted in the delicate cashmere.

Cashmere is such an exclusive natural material that for many it is seen as a symbol of luxury. In fact, it is such an exclusive material that it is traded by weight - the same way as gold is traded.

Why is cashmere better?

Have you ever bought a sweater that loses its shape after a short period of use, so that you lose the desire to wear it? Or that its lovely soft quality disappears after the first few washes?

Then it doesn't take many arguments to convince you that cashmere is the right choice for you. A cashmere sweater is timeless and can last for years if you take good care of it with the right care products. Cashmere has many properties that make it a brilliant material to invest in for the wardrobe.

Quality cashmere can warm up to 3 times more than ordinary wool from sheep, even though it weighs less. The structure of the fiber means that a sweater will be warm on cold days and cool on hot days - the perfect combination that means you can always breathe in the clothes and regulate your temperature. In fact, cashmere can absorb up to 3 times its own weight before it gets wet - crazy, right?

Why is cashmere different?

The exclusive wool is found in the buttery soft underwool of the cashmere goat. The goats live in extreme weather conditions, where temperatures fluctuate from -50 to +40 celcius degrees. The weather conditions mean that the cashmere goats have to develop the special wool in order to survive. The goats shed in the spring, when the cashmere must be separated from the top coat. This is done by combing and sorting the wool by hand.

Sorting must be done in great detail to separate the buttery wool from the usual wool. This helps to give cashmere its status as a luxury item - because it is treated in the gentle way.

How can cashmere be styled?

You'd almost think it was a lie, but the great thing about cashmere is that it has no limitations. A cashmere blouse can, regardless of the fit, be used for both everyday life and parties - so you don't need to have a wardrobe full of clothes that can only be used for certain occasions.

A blouse we can promise you with certainty that you can always use is our bestseller Abbelone. The blouse has been around since the beginning of O'TAY, and it's undoubtedly one of the styles we're known for. Abbelone is an adorable blouse in 100% cashmere that combines the exclusive and simple look with a feminine touch: our well-known pearl details. The blouse is our bestseller year after year - in other words, it's a style you'll never go wrong with, since it can easily be dressed up or down.

Whether you choose one of our bestsellers or you go with one of the news, we can guarantee you that you will always feel comfortable in the luxurious fashion.

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