Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Behind the scenes - Summer Simplicity

The new summer collection Summer Simplicity will be launched on Thursday 20 April at 19.00. Come along behind the scenes here and get a little insight into the thoughts surrounding the collection and the coming summer.
When creating the summer collection "Summer Simplicity", it was our mission to make it easy for you to have an uncomplicated wardrobe. A wardrobe with styles that lend themselves well to the changeable weather, but are also perfect to pack in your suitcase for a holiday.

The fine summer collection is created in our creative surroundings at the office in Odense. Here, our thoughts have wandered around a comfortable summer wardrobe that contains everything we dream of spending the summer in. Therefore, it was with great excitement and butterflies in our stomachs when we packed our suitcases for the photoshoot - had we managed to create the perfect summer collection?
We shot our High Summer collection in Deià. An idyllic little mountain village - which is often mentioned as Mallorca's most beautiful town. Deià is characterized by the charming, winding streets with fine ochre-coloured stone houses and small green gardens.

After our photoshoot in beautiful Mallorca, we can humbly and proudly say: YES! We have created the perfect collection for a lovely summer. It holds everything: classic summer dresses, feminine tops and airy knitwear.

The hallmark of the entire collection is that quality, details and comfort are in focus. We specialize in exclusive qualities with feminine details. You will of course also find exactly this in the summer collection. You can update your wardrobe with 100% cashmere, our buttery cashmere/wool, the airy cashmere/cotton and the delicate alpaca quality. Now the only question is - which ones can you live without?

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