BEHIND THE SCENES: How your knitwear is made

BEHIND THE SCENES: How your knitwear is made

Currently we are sitting on the train. We are back where it all started: in China - where O'TAY had its very beginning. It gives us the opportunity to look back on O'TAY's journey, as well as share a little behind the scenes from our trip.

When O'TAY was still just a dream for the founders Stephanie and Vivian, Stephanie prepared for an adventure with China as destination. Before the journey began, mother and daughter had many talks about what they wanted to create and how they wanted to stand out. It turned into a budding dream to create a cashmere universe, where the core is quality, timeless design and feminine details - now the foundation stones for the journey and the universe were laid.

With a great passion for fashion, an eye for quality and the desire to create a new soft universe, Stephanie packed her suitcase and traveled to China. The purpose was to find the right knitting qualities, good business partners and get inspiration for something new - something that had not been seen before in Denmark.


When the right business partners had to be found, it was clear that the family-owned productions won our hearts. It was here that we found the same spark and passion that we ourselves have for our company. We are therefore also very proud that we still work with the same suppliers who run the business in the same spirit as O'TAY - with heart.

During our journey now, we have, among other things, visited our skilled production. After visiting them again, and once again seeing the unique craftsmanship of a cashmere knit, you gain a really great respect for the clothes - and we really do wish that we could take you straight into the "engine room" so you could get the experience yourself. It really is something very special!

We've had the camera with us everywhere, so we could show you a lot of "behind the scenes" in pictures. That way you can see how your O'TAY items have been created.

Each and every knit is handmade. Creating a knit is like an art form because so much of the process is done by hand. So when a knitwear is finished, it has been through the hands of many skilled people, where it is filled with a little extra love at each step.
First, the parts that make up the blouse are knitted. It is done on a machine to ensure a uniform knitting strength in the "fabric". It is a complicated machine that requires a great deal of knowledge to set and adjust.
After this, all the parts are assembled, which is done by hand on another machine, where all stitches must be mounted on a lot of needles. It goes fast, so you have to be quick and have good eyes - since those needles can be really small. When the blouse is assembled, details such as beads are mounted.
We have also been to the big market, where Stephanie got the idea for our bestseller Abbelone. We found the exact same shop as where the pearls for Abbelone were found. After spending a few days on the market, we can also reveal that we have of course filled the suitcases with new exciting details and inspiration. So you have to keep an eye on the upcoming collections - there are so many fine styles and details inspired by this journey.
It is a huge experience and feeling of nostalgia being back where it all started. This trip will be a wonderful memory that we can look back on for many years to come. We hope you liked to be behind the scenes and to see how a cashmere knit is made.
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