Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design


Alpaca Knitwear by O'TAY

O'TAY has expanded its feminine fashion universe - now it also includes exclusive knits in Peruvian alpaca. All our alpaca sweaters are hand-knitted in Peru. 200 trained women sit here and knit all sweaters by hand, therefore no one is 100% the same, but all are unique. When you shop alpaca at O'TAY, you are at the same time taking on social responsibility and supporting women's living standards, which are improved through job opportunities.

Why choose Alpaca Knitwear?

Alpaca is an allergy-friendly and delicate natural material that is incredibly soft, feathery and durable.

The composition of the material is the best of other natural materials. It is the softness of cashmere, the shine of mohair, the thickness of angora and the strength of merino. In other words, alpaca knitwear is completely unique and comfortable to wear.

When you update your wardrobe with new knitwear, alpaca is a responsible choice. The alpaca is considered a responsible animal because they are gentle with nature. The alpaca is available in more than 20 different natural colors - everything from jet black to chalk white.

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