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Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design

Merino Wool

Merino wool is temperature adjusting, it keeps you warm even when it is wet and it does not absorb body odour. Need we say more? Oh wait, that is right! Merino wool is an exceptionally comfortable fabric that pampers your body with an incredible feeling of softness. When you put on a merino wool item, it feels like getting a very soft hug. However, we cannot forget the lightness of the fabric either. The fabric is also really durable and of great quality, which provides you with a liberating lightness that allows you to move around easily. Overall, merino wool is a fabric most people pine for. 

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Merino Wool – the Fabric with Countless Qualities

Have you ever heard about merino wool? Or had you ever had a blouse or a sweater in this exquisite type of fabric? If not, we believe it is about time! At O’TAY we have a well-considered selection of merino garments. If you are not one of the lucky people who have owned a merino sweater or cardigan, we must say to you that it is irresistible and that you will not know what we mean, unless you have tried to own one yourself. However, you need to be careful, because wearing the fabric is addictive and quickly you will ask yourself: “what did I do before I discovered this incredible fabric”.

If you order a favourite item from this category, you can become one of the people who get to experience the many qualities of merino wool and get what you have been pining for. It is definitely recommendable but watch out! It is an addictive acquaintance. Soon, you will own multiple merino wool items. Consider yourself warned. We speak from experience!

Shop Various Kinds of Merino Wool Styles

In this category you will find the most beautiful styles. You will find blouses, T-shirts, trousers and cardigans made of merino wool, which you will love as soon as you try them on. You will be spellbound because merino wool is such a comfortable quality fabric. So, when you purchase something from this category you are guaranteed the best comfortability.

We especially love merino wool because the fabric is so comfortable to wear. Win! The lovely items in this category are a medley of all the best ones. In other words, they are the icing on the cake. The various garments in this category have different looks, but one thing they all have in common is the superior quality. Merino wool is incredibly durable, which is why our styles last for a long time. That is what we would like to call sustainable fashion, what do you think?

Besides being very comfortable, our items are a sight for sore eyes, since they are following modern trends. At O’TAY we care a lot about details, and we make a virtue out of offering feminine styles to the women who would like an admirable wardrobe. In this category you will find styles for everyone – whether it is the trousers, the blouses or the lovely cardigans you fall for. 

Pamper Yourself or Someone You Care About

A merino wool garment is the perfect present. Need we say why? The recipient of your present will receive a long-lasting quality garment with countless qualities. Additionally, the recipient will enjoy an item that not only feels good, but also looks good. Quality and durability are undoubtedly the forefront of our focus. However, that also applies to having a beautiful design. So, quality, durability and a beautiful design are all terms that describe the items in this category.

Maybe it is you who need pampering? We believe that garments from this particular category is pampering enough on its own, which is something you will understand when you have purchased one. We hope you will find your perfect match in our selection of merino wool styles.

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