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Free shipping above €200 | Exclusive Danish design



At O’TAY you will find a well-assorted selection of blouses, sweaters and cardigans in real cashmere. The soft material hugs your body comfortably, which is why you will feel incredible in our popular cashmere styles. It is no secret that we love cashmere at O’TAY and that we enjoy wearing it all year. In the summer we like to wear cashmere blouses when the temperature drops at night and in the winter when it gets cold. The cashmere sweater is a must have in our wardrobes.

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We Love Cashmere - Add a Favourite to Your Wardrobe  

To us cashmere is the best of the best. It possesses qualities that allow you to wear it all year round, which is why we believe that everyone should own it. We wear it ourselves on summer nights and in the winter when it gets cold. At O’TAY we focus on elegance and exclusiveness, which we associate with cashmere. Therefore, we need to keep cashmere items in stock.

Cashmere comes from the delicate cashmere goats, which have special fibres in their hair. They live in places with large temperature variations, which has resulted in them adapting to the harsh climate. They have adapted by developing a double layer of fleece; an outer layer of protection that shields the inner layer from water and an inner layer that consists of ultra-fine fibres that are incredibly insulating. This is what keeps the goats warm in the winter, but not too warm in the summer, which is exactly how our cashmere items work when you wear them.

Why Cashmere Is One of Our Favourite Materials

Some of the Numerous Advantages You Get When You Buy a Cashmere Item Are: 


The insulating ability of cashmere is three times better than in regular wool, which makes a cashmere blouse or sweater perfect for maintaining your body temperature. Cashmere keeps you warm, but never too warm.


The cashmere fibres are very delicate and thin, which means that the fabric is smooth as silk and that it will never be itchy. Because the fibres are much denser than in regular wool, the texture is not scratchy. Instead, it hugs your body in a very comfortable way. When you put on a cashmere sweater you will instantly feel the softness of it.  


Because of the insulation abilities cashmere has, it is lighter than wool – but it still keeps you warm, which is why you can use it all year round.

Durability and Resistance

If you follow the care instructions and treat your cashmere item as it should be, the shape and quality of it can last for more than 10 years. Additionally, cashmere will never shrink or crease in the wash.

Dress in Cashmere and Feel Comfortable All Year Round

As we have previously made clear, we adore cashmere at O’TAY. It provides us with warmth, comfortability and breathability at the same time. Therefore, we are never afraid of feeling too warm if we put on a cashmere sweater early in the fall for instance. You can wear it all year around, which makes it an indispensable item in your wardrobe, and we believe every woman should own cashmere clothing. Moreover, cashmere can be worn on an everyday basis or at parties. It can be worn on all occasions, which is why our webshop is filled with cashmere styles. 

If you ask us, it all depends on how you style your beautiful cashmere blouse. For parties you can wear the blouse with a skirt and if you want to you can make it even more festive with a pair of stilettos. You can also add your favourite jewellery and style your hair – and voila! Now you have provided yourself with a festive and feminine look that will guarantee some looks. However, the cashmere blouse is also a favourite item for everyday wear because it looks good while being casual at the same time. You can style it with jeans and sneakers – that is how easy it is.

Order your new cashmere item now. We are certain that it will quickly be one of your new favourites.

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